Recommendations For Storing Your Gems & Jewelry Items

How often have you looked in your cheap old jewelry box, only to find your necklaces in a knotted mess, or comingled with other items in a complete ball of a blob? Well, this is not the ideal way to store your precious gems and expensive jewelry, as it is a likely way of getting an item or two tangled beyond your ability to untangle them, or worse, possibly having an item scratched, broken, or tangled beyond repair. Hopefully, the tips we have provided below with help you to eliminate any issues like we have stated above.

Spend some money to buy yourself a quality made jewelry box with lots of different sized compartments which will allow you to store things separately. Hence, helping to avoid any of the very frustrating scenarios we have outlined in the above post. Spending a little extra money now on a quality jewelry organizer will definitely pay for itself down the road and for years to come. Think about it for a moment. People spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on expensive jewelry. Sometimes even thousands depending on your social status and most all opt for cheap, inexpensive boxes to store these costly items. Outlaying a little extra cash initially will save you time and money in the future. And, your precious gems and jewelry will thank you!

Make certain to find a jewelry case or box that has a padded or velvet-like material to lay necklaces etc on. Do a little research and find one that will be best for your current jewelry items. Also, consider buying one that will allow for storage of your future jewelry purchases. So basically buy one bigger than your current needs.

Purchase a pre-treated jewelry cloth to clean each item before placing it in your jewelry box. Taking an extra minute or two to wipe down your jewelry item will help to preserve it lustery look for years to come. And, it will be perfect for the next time you look to wear it! These treated cloths can be bought when you purchase the item from your jeweler or consider buying one locally from one of the big box retailer stores in your area.

Any high-end gems or pearls should be stored in their own separate pouches or sack like bags with a cinch like a drawstring at the top. This will help to avoid scratching and entanglement with chains and or necklaces. Typically, gems and pearls are very expensive so this added measure of protection should be a complete “no-brainer.”


sterling silver necklace

sterling silver necklace

Ideally, all jewelry items should be kept in a low humidity environment. This is especially important for folks that live in tropical-like climates such as Florida and other Southeastern states.

For Sterling Silver jewelry items, we recommend storing them utilizing anti-tarnish strips available for purchase at most jewelry or your local box stores.

Following these tips above will strongly ensure that all of your jewelry items will be enjoyed by you for years to come. Let’s be real here, quality jewelry items especially Sterling Silver and 14K Gold jewelry items are very, very expensive. Taking care of your jewelry with the tips outlined above will make certain you are able to enjoy there use years and years down the road.

Are You Catholic? If So You Need Some Religious Jewelry
If you are a practicing Catholic and are proud of your religion then why not have a few nice pieces of religious jewelry to wear. A good number of Catholic folks typically have a cross or crucifix and or have a Saint medal. In most houses Catholics also in all likely-hood with have a high quality pair of prayer beads which are usually referred to as rosary beads.

The difficult thing about finding a good quality Catholic store around your home is not very likely as there just are not a lot of these types of brick and mortar stores around selling their wares.

That is why we recommend that you take a look online for a Catholic store that has a good amount of items they are selling. Some people are still hesitant to shop online as they just still do not feel comfortable giving some stranger their personal information online. This is totally a legitimate concern as you probably have seen or heard about hackers online stealing peoples identities.

One thing to understand is there are safe-guards in place to handle such hooligans via a system called SSL or secured socket layers. Basically what this does is say you find a good quality online Catholic shop you want to purchase an item from. The first thing you need to do is look for trust shields to make certain the shop is running an upfront operation.

The other thing to look for is when you go to the stores shopping cart check the browser to make sure you see this: https://domain name of store dot com. What this is telling you is this. The “S” tells you the SSL certificate is working and it means the site is secured. So you know it is now safe to make you Catholic jewelry store purchase from this website.

To give you a little more detail on exactly how it work is this. When you enter your personal info to include address, credit card info along with your security code, the ssl essentially encrypts all your personal info and jumbles it up when it is transmitting the info to the bank or financial institution.

The process ensures no hacker can intercept your personal details hence making your religious themed jewelry purchase totally secure. So we hope this article explains to you why you should definitely be more at ease about buying jewelry or any other items for that matter via the internet.

In Summary

  • By From Trusted Stores
  • Check For Seals Of Trust
  • Check For SSl During Check-Out
  • Look For Testimonials

Thanks for reading and we really hope you found these online jewelry shopping tips useful and more knowledgeable next time you decide to buy products online!

Be sure to send us your comments as we always love hearing from our loyal followers!

The Essentials For Every Jewelry Box

The Top Five Kinds of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

Even jewelry has its practical side as the following list of adornments reveal. Jewelry accessorizes a variety of clothing styles. Therefore, selecting basic pieces can go a long way in assuming the ideal look. So, exactly what sparkly finds should a girl add to her jewelry box? The following classic pieces will last a lot longer than trending styles and will give you more “bling” for your buck.

#1 – A Watch

Every woman should include a watch in her wardrobe – one that is fashionable, practical and which can be easily interchanged with her outfits. However, if you have a smaller wrist, stay away from watches with bigger dials or faces. Although these watches look great on women with bigger arms or wrists, the timepieces tend to overwhelm the smaller wrist. Choose a leather strap for casual wear and one made of metal for more formal use.

#2 – Metal Hoops

Pull back your hair and wear metal hoops to add interest to the look. Choose a half-dollar size hoop that that is made of a thinner metal for extra wearing comfort.

#3 – Silver or Gold Studs

If you don’t want to make a big fashion statement, then a silver or gold stud will provide a nice finish to your overall look. Choose from a small domed ball or select studs shaped like a star, bar or heart. Use the studs to accentuate the looks of gold or silver bracelets or necklaces.

#4 – Diamond Stud Earrings or a Solitaire Diamond Necklace

Adding just the right amount of sparkle, the understated diamond–in the form of earrings or a necklace–will achieve the desired effect. Any outfit–whether casual or formal–will look just that much more glamorous.

#5 – A Pearl Necklace

Pearl necklaces never go out of style and, therefore, are a classic, must-have adornment. Wear the sophisticated gems with that simple little black dress or pair them with professional office attire.

If you take our advice offered here you will make certain to have a nice piece of jewelry to compliment your outfit, whatever the occasion may be

Latest Jewelry Designs for Women Online

The fashion circle keeps opening a new page every time. Latest jewelry designs for women is in fashion today. We all desire for the emergence of new jewelry materials and concepts, to make a new footnote for the fashionable jewelry trend designs that all people can wear. Fashion jewelry consists of a vast array of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and many more. It’s very easy to find jewelry on an online jewel store.

Fashionable jewelry does not always have to be made from precious stones. In fact, synthetic stones, plastic and a wide range of base materials can be used in the making of these latest jewelry designs for women. It’s a great asset for the jewelry lover who likes owning a wide variety of jewelry designs without caring much about the name behind that brand. Because they are affordable, you can always purchase them on a frequent basis to match them with any particular outfit, whether it’s a bangle, simple anklet or a ring. Because fashion and design is the main thing today, you can choose to have your own jewelry custom-made to suit your taste, either from cheap materials or expensive ones.

Precious metals and expensive gems are used to manufacture these jewelry items. Gold, silver and brass are a combination that form one of the best jewelry design one can ever find. On the other hand, crystal and ivory are some of the most popular materials used in the manufacturing of fashionable jewelry that can be worn by women of all ages. Acrylic and plastic materials are used to manufacturer jewelry for the low end market. However, that does not mean that they don’t look stunning, the world of jewelry is all about fashion, so anything goes, as long as it looks splendid. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings and chains are some popular jewelry items of today, and you can even have them handcrafted as well. But you also have the option of going for understated gems or brighter ones for a more elegant appearance.

Because jewelry items can be an expensive investment, it’s imperative that you learn how to take good care of them. To ensure that the surface of your jewelry is always shinny, you need to wipe them using a soft cloth so as to get rid of sweat or unwanted dirt particles that may have accumulated on the surface during the day. To experience something new once more, you can have them professionally cleaned for you or better still–try your hand on designing them for yourself.

Since the magic of fashion jewelry is fast spreading throughout the world, the number of companies that specialize in customized jewelry services is also on the rise. This big industry has enabled women to experience what it’s like to buy the trendiest jewelry while only having the design they want. There are a number of online jewel retailers to serve women who want to shop for their jewelry conveniently. Just a mouse-click away, you get to choose from a wide selection of the latest jewelry items for delivery at your doorstep. It’s that simple.

3 Tips to Choose the Best Accessories for Women

how to choose the best accessories for womenIt’s often said that a woman’s attire can never be complete without the right accessory. In fact, the accessories that you choose can, either, make or break your look completely, irrespective of the quality of your beloved outfit. A very simple dress will look stunningly beautiful with the right accessories, while a great dress may be ruined with a poor choice of accessories to compliment it. Getting your accessories right, is one of the most important choices you can ever make as a woman. The following tips will help you make the right choice when buying jewelry that best accessorizes your outfit. It’s all about how to choose the best accessories when it comes to jewelry and the type of dress you want to wear.

First things first, the color of that particular jewelry you want to buy matters. Believe it or not, the color of a jewelry items plays a bigger role than its design. For example, color blocking is becoming a popular trend this year. That means that several people are buying brightly colored jewelry. They go for yellow or red colors. Therefore, it’s imperative that you keep in mind the current fashion trends that match the color of the jewelry you intend to buy. But again, the colors you choose must compliment your dress. For instance, a yellow wrist band only looks great on dull colored clothes. Similarly, brightly colored hair accessories look superb when they match the color of your dress. Bottom line is this: don’t pair up bright colors, it’s going to be a disaster.

Another rule that must hold when choosing accessories is to make embellishment limited. For instance, when choosing jewelry for an evening party dress, you should always make sure that you are not overdoing it. If the dress in question is already embellished, then go for a much simpler jewelry item say that you purchase from my holy rosary. In this case, you should always avoid brightly colored hair accessories. However, for the simple dress, don’t shy away from choosing brightly colored hair accessories. The only thing to remember is to always keep the embellishment balanced so that you don’t appear overdressed.

The third rule is about the type of accessories you should buy in respect to your personality. Remember that following the latest fashion trends may not always work for you. After all, you can’t follow things that don’t appeal to you in the name of fashion, you won’t feel great about yourself. If a certain style doesn’t appeal to you, there’s simply no point in adopting to it. If you feel that large conspicuous silver rosary necklace does not appeal to you, go for more decent accessories that you find attractive. Similarly, if you find brightly colored hair accessories a bother, go for rustic colors that work with the kind of person that you are. This is because following the latest in fashion means nothing if you don’t get the satisfaction you need. That also means that you won’t hold yourself with confidence. Believe it or not, the way you carry yourself can make or break your personality.

How To Choose The Best Watches for Women

how to choose watches for womenThere are a wide variety of watches for women. Each of the watches have different features and styles. This therefore provides shoppers with a wide scope to choose from. However, the problem that most people face when shopping for best watches for women is that they do not know what to consider in order to get the best quality watch.

Function or Purpose of the watch

Firstly, it is very important you decide on the general style of the watch. The style will depend on what purpose you want the watch to serve. Some of the leading choices in terms of style and design available in the market include:

1. Casual watches: These types of watches typically have a neutral style and can be worn in a wide variety of situations. They may usually have a low level of water resistance and therefore are not meant for underwater activities. Most casual watches for women are analogue which means that the time is displayed in traditional clock hands. The watches are designed for comfort and can complement almost any outfit. Some have the unique feature of having luminous hands so as to be able to tell time in the dark.

2. Dress watches: These types of watches as the name suggests are only worn on special business or occasion. They usually have metallic finishes, and they feature elegant analog numbers and hands. Many of these watches are produced under designer brands such as Rolex because it offers a prestigious collection of one- of- a kind timepiece for any luxury consumer. Since they are luxury watches they are relatively expensive than other types of watches.

3. Sport watches: These types of watches are usually designed for athletes and busy lifestyles. They use more aggressive style and are commonly in bright colors. They have a high level of water resistance and they can be used under water or in bad weather. Most sports watches use digital displays so as to enhance the visibility of the numbers. The time is shown as changing digits. The watch enables sports features such as countdown timers chronographs to be displayed.

Material and Color

When choosing best watches for women, both material and color are important considerations. The finish of the watch is what greatly determines the appearance of the watch. For instance, stainless steel offers a gray or silver appearance designed to match a wide variety of clothing. Though gold watches are elegant, they usually stand out against some colors of jewelry or clothes. Sports watches however use rubber or plastic material for the band. They can therefore have a misplaced look when worm with non-athletic apparel.

Price or Budget Range

Before you settle for a watch, you need to have a specific budget of just how much you are willing to spend on the watch. The prices will be determined by what category of watch you opt for. Sports watches are typically the least expensive while the dress watches are the most expensive and prestigious. If you are not so keen about the brand you can find many off- brand watches for women that are elegant and less expensive.

The tips above should be able to guide on how to choose the best watches for women .Conduct some basic research on the model and make of the watch, determine the price range and proceed to find the right color combination and dealer to make your purchase.